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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, January 26, 2020
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Architectures and urban planning


A section that is devoted to publishing studies about:
Urban projects and actions that are carried out in the zones where ports and cities come into contact, mainly concerning buildings and properties that are important because of their outstanding architectural interest or functional singularity;  
Urban and industrial buildings or those of other types inspired by elements that are essential to the port landscape (vessels, containers, etc.);
Rehabilitation of port facilities and properties (docks, quays, jetties, warehouses, sheds, harbour stations, lighthouses and nautical signs and signals).
Will not be accepted technical reports that describe projects and proposals presented on the occasion of competitions.




The New Potsdam: the Waterfront on the Havel and the ex-Storage Harbour


Michele Caja