“Mediterranean Ports and Logistics 2024” Exhibition and Conference
Trieste, Italy | From 27 to 29 May 2024

20 Aprile, 2023

The 11th annual international maritime transport exhibition and conference “Mediterranean Ports and Logistics 2024”, hosted by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, will take place at the Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste, Italy.

A three days event that will bring together international conference speakers, senior government officials, industry leaders, academics and decision makers along with the leading shippers, cargo owners, importers/exporters, exhibitors, brands, products, services, and logistics companies from the Mediterranean region, offering the occasion to network and explore trade and investment occasions in the shipping and transport logistics industry.

The event will also be a great opportunity to discover the Trieste port-city located on the Adriatic Sea, access point for trade to and from the Far East and throughout the Mediterranean.

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