Digital@Sea International Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark | 30-31 January 2024

28 Dicembre, 2023

The Digital@Sea International Conference, dedicated to the digital transition of international shipping, will be held this year in Copenhagen, on 30-31 January 2024.

With new technologies and digitalisation, the maritime world is moving toward the fourth industrial revolution, in a contest of considerable complexity in terms of solutions and agreements regarding involved stakeholders. Therefore new requirements for business models, updated regulation, specific skills  and competencies, adequate ways of working and collaborating are needed.

The Danish Maritime Authority, in collaboration with IALA, proposes in this edition an highly interactive event in order to facilitate this transition with a clear global maritime digital vision and strategic elements essential for a future vision (digital competencies of the seafarer; future regulation; collaboration and data sharing; administrative processes and reporting; global Harmonization and standardization; global capacity building and shared growth).

The conference, presenting a variety of presentations and interactive sessions, will focus in on a number of foundamental themes, that can all contribute and pave the way for a shared global maritime digital vision.

Information and program is available to the following link:

Article reference for citation:

Editorial Team of PORTUS, “Digital@Sea International Conference”, PORTUS Magazine n. 46, December 2023, Year XXIII, RETE Publisher, Venice, ISSN 2282-5789.

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