“Net-Zero, Resilient and Competitive Ports: Acting Now to Deliver Tomorrow” ESPO Conference 2024
Paris, France | 25 and 26 April 2024

16 Aprile, 2024

The 20th edition of the Annual Conference of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) will take place in the heart of Paris on 25 and 26 April, organized together with the Union des Ports de France (UPF), association of French commercial and fishing ports, in mainland and overseas France that brings together 47 active members, port authorities and managing bodies, and has 3 missions: Represent French ports in sectoral social dialogue; Defend the interests of French ports vis-à-vis national authorities and European authorities notably within ESPO, as well as medias; Lead networks of bests practices and exchange of experiences.

During the 2024 ESPO Conference, various current issues will be discussed concerning the geo-economic and geo-political tensions, frequent disruptions to supply chains, greater volatility on the energy markets and a fiercer international competition. In the current international context, the need to act and progress on the ambitions and concrete policies that Europe has implemented in the last five years, appears evident. For this reason, the European port community (ports, port stakeholders and policy makers) is invited in Paris, to share knowledge, try to take stock and pave together the way towards a sustainable, resilient, smart and more competitive Europe, in which ports are playing more than ever a critical and strategic role.

On the first day of the conference, some experts will discuss about the economic and energy perspectives for Europe’s ports. Next, three port academics will present they view the future of ports in this world in transition. This will be followed by a presentation on how ports could increasingly be the resource for the city. At the end of morning,  some port CEOs will then be given the floor for their comments.

In the afternoon, attention will be focused on implementation to take stock of what has been agreed in recent years and what needs to be done to most effectively support the implementation of European politican and legislative initiatives. The experts will explain where we stand and which challenges are to be faced. Ports will share their experiences. The final presentation on day one will introduce the participants in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

How the investments can actually be financed and the role of banks in financing sustainable port projects will be the second focus, also with the CINEA’s experience and the new Connecting Europe Facility in the ports’ projects. Will also be discussed how to strengthen the resilience of ports given their strategic character, while at the same time support further supporting them in their role as Europe’s main commercial door to the world.

A political debate will conclude the work, with the aim of taking stock of the last five years and looking at future priorities.

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For More Information please refer to the list below:

ESPO Secretariat
E-mail: chiara.mantovano@espo.be
Website: https://www.espo.be/

Union des Ports de France (UPF)
E-mail: mathilde.pollet@port.fr
Website: http://www.port.fr/

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