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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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Restructuring urban-port waterfronts

This section will feature texts that focus on subject matter such as the following:
- Revitalising and transforming former port zones for urban use: devising and designing restructuring projects for waterfronts; types, criteria, models and their sustainability; the new urban-port landscapes that emerge from the redesignation of disused areas; the architecture and urban planning of waterfronts; the physical and functional liaising and organising of urban-port waterfronts in cities; the urban impact of regenerating obsolete port waterfronts.
- The management and administration of urban-port waterfronts: regulatory framework; models for promoting, enhancing and operating waterfronts; financial profitability and feasibility; public and private initiative and investment; the economic effects that redesignation has upon waterfronts. 



The regeneration of the port and the historic centre of Trapani: the impact on the city and the territory

Angela Alessandra Badami



Through the project, the landscape, the time: the new opportunities of “preventive project”

Luisa Bordato



Frankfurt reloaded: ricostruzione urbana tra il centro storico e le sponde del Meno

Michele Caja



Messina: development research and requalification for the new harbor of the Mediterranean Sea

Leonardo Caliandro



Arab Gulf seaport-cities. A distinctive pattern of city/sea relationship

Cecilia Scopetta