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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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Infrastructures, transport, intermodality, logistics

This section will feature work and articles that focus on describing and analysing ports and their effects on the city’s structure and activities. The most important subjects in this section are:
- The role of the port and the city in the logistics chains. Transport, intermodality, terminal, advanced services and port hierarchy and port cities.
-Investments, planning, port development and development of the city. New port maritime technologies and their expected impact on the city.
- Progress, breakthroughs and new models for use in studying subjects that include ports on their syllabuses: Engineering, Architecture, Geography, Economics, Law, Sociology and the city.



Logistic Support Extension Zone ZEAL: the case of Valparaiso

Cristián Moreno Díaz, Enrique Piraino, Alejandro Ubeda



Il potenziamento delle connessioni porto-territorio attraverso la realizzazione di infrastrutture intermodali: il caso dei Campi Flegrei

Barbara Scalera