The Port and the City. On board diary

11 Dicembre, 2016

A research trip focused in the relation between cities and ports, two realities that have given birth to endless conflicts and complex interactions, but which represent one of the most fascinating urban situation of our time. A trip that has been realized by José M. Pagés Sánchez, and narrated on a board diary, hosted in the blog ( and published in a book “The Port and the City. On board diary”.

The posts written during the almost 4 months of travel in the autumn of 2015 are here transcribed along with the photographic survey done when visiting the different port cities. The trip has started from the Portuguese capital where the relation between both entities has evolved but still is far from what we see in other port-cities in the European continent. In order to analyze what is being done in other cases, a research project on the relation between cities and ports in the 21st Century was developed including five study cases representing different realities: Oslo, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Marseille and Genoa.

The conclusions of the research trip are summarized in the last chapter of the book and explains the main issues and strategies found in the analyzed study cases.

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Editorial Office, “The Port and the City. On board diary” PORTUS: the online magazine of RETE, n.32, December 2016, Year XVI, Venice, RETE Publisher, ISSN 2282-5789, URL:

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