21 Ottobre, 2014

Europort. Exhibition for maritime technology

Ahoy, Rotterdam

3 -6 November 2015

Europort, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam, is the international maritime forum and meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding (almost 30,000 professional visitors, 1100 exhibiting companies, 84 countries).

The 37th edition of Europort will take place from 3-6 November 2015 in Ahoy Rotterdam. Established as one of the world’s top 3 maritime exhibitions, Europort is a must attend for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the international maritime market. Bringing together all sectors of the maritime chain under one roof, Europort is unrivalled as a platform to showcase the future of the sector and connect to the wider maritime community.

Europort is a strong proponent of technological advancement to provide the solutions and tools needed to compete in the challenging market, with success. Is a unique opportunity for knowledge-sharing and fresh thinking to inspire smart solutions.

Europort has a strong focus on the opportunities regarding innovation and specialisation, in particular on special purpose ships and especially complex vessels, including offshore, dredging and fishery vessels, naval constructions, workboats, sea-shipping, inland navigation and mega yachts.

In 2015, the core themes being explored will centre on technological leadership and complex shipbuilding, ship efficiency, new market opportunities and human capital. In today’s market, where all companies are vying for new opportunities, the need to understand and access cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts has never been stronger.

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