SRM – The “Port Indicators 1 – 2017”

21 Giugno, 2017



The “Port Indicators 1 – 2017” is the result of a partnership between SRM and Assoporti, a publication dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of the main statistical data on the Maritime Economy. Is a reports that include the year-on-year trend of maritime transport, in an infrastructural, business, and economic perspective.

The aims is to offer an overview to the operators on the Mediterranean and on the meaning of the port dynamics developing in its wake. The report analyses the economy of the sea, at the international level, in Italy, and in the regions of Southern Italy (the “Mezzogiorno”). The parameters selected are aimed at analysing year-on-year trends in maritime transport from the economic, infrastructural, and business points of view. The indicators are grouped into five categories: Economic situation, International Trade Relations, Competitiveness, Companies and, lastly, Focus on the South of Italy.

To download the publication:

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