Green Port Congress 2017 – Amsterdam

21 Dicembre, 2016

Green Port Congress

Amsterdam, October 2017



Supported by the Port of Amsterdam, the 12th Green Port Congress will be held in October 2017 in Amsterdam.

The Congress – focused on improving the relationship between the ports, its users, customers and stakeholders (port authorities, terminal operators, logistics providers and shippers, shipowners) – continued the theme of examining the challenges and opportunities of developing good practice and sustainable solutions and applications.

The Green Port Congress providing decision makers from the port community with a meeting place to both learn about and discuss the latest in sustainable development and environmental practice to enable them to effectively implement the changes needed to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations. With representatives from all port stakeholders in attendance, the conference offered unprecedented opportunities for networking and for the exchange of information and ideas.

In particular, this edition of 2017, aims to highlight innovations in equipment and technology to allow port users to adhere to policy, whilst illustrating practical solutions through case studies from the global logistics chain.

Furthermore, with the ongoing increase in numbers of passengers enjoying cruises, the Green Port Cruise Conference provides a platform from which cruise terminal operators and other cruise stakeholders, including city representatives and cruise lines, can meet to discuss the many environmental issues surrounding this expanding industry.

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