“Digitalisation in Shipping Summit 2022”
London, UK | October 5-6, 2022

19 Luglio, 2022

Digitalisation in Shipping has seen major acceleration of late, mainly fuelled by increasing shipping demands brought on by COVID-19, as well as new technologies and software that aid shipfarers and managers to collect, organise and use data efficiently.

At this crucial crossroads, between old school shipping, and new digital techniques, the conference “Digitalisation in Shipping Summit 2022” (5 – 6 October, London) will focus on the latest shipping technologies, challenges with cyber security, the prospect of AI in the shipping sector, the human side of digitalisation and the contribution of digital data for the environment.

This event will bring together leading experts in the field of maritime digitalisation, connectivity and research with the aim to exchange views with peers, hear expert opinions and developments, and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

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