“Tomorrow. Blue Economy” World Congress
Barcelona, Spain | 5 – 7 November 2024

30 Giugno, 2024

In a contest of a political, economic and climate challenges, the need to accelerate the green transition has grown imperative and particularly relevant of the Blue Economy, which is fully intertwined with the ocean, a natural resource with vast potential but that has been left devastated after years of exploitation.
“Tomorrow. Blue Economy”, global summit dedicated to promoting and developing the potential of the Blue Economy, will return in November 2024 with a new edition and an extended program dedicated to advancing in this sector.
Showcasing the interrelation between environment, society and economy, the Congress aims to bring together the global experts and companies from industries including renewable energies, tourism, fisheries and maritime transport , to promote an interdisciplinary focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and education.

The event has already addressed some relevant topics and related questions in the previous edition 2023:

Coastal Biodiversity Regeneration & Blue Carbon
How can digitalization, technology, innovation and data help conserve and regenerate nearshore marine biodiversity and ecosystems in and around cities? How can the business of coastal and marine ecosystem regeneration create a healthy environment, create jobs and contribute to sustainable coastal cities? And what are the Blue Carbon, Blue Bonds, Natural Capital and Biodiversity Credits opportunities for coastal municipalities and how can these be developed?

Navigating Towards Smart Cities with Ocean Data
How can the digital ocean, ocean data and the Internet of Things help coastal cities address sustainability? What is the role of AI in advancing smart, sustainable coastal cities and their Blue Economy? How can ocean data and monitoring improve marine spatial planning around coastal cities?

Funding Ocean Futures
What innovative financing models show promise in supporting ocean-related projects and industries? How can we attract more impact investors to contribute to projects aimed at ocean conservation and blue economy development? And in what ways can technological advancements, such as blockchain, enhance transparency and accountability in ocean-focused funding efforts?

Tech Tour Tomorrow. Blue Economy – Oceans & Climate sector
Pitch contest organized by Tech Tour, one of the largest investor-oriented communities in Europe connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from across the world. The exciting opportunity is for professionals and innovators to showcase their latest ideas and solutions for improving the Oceans and Climate industry. This contest seeks to recognize and reward the most innovative and impactful ideas related to clean ocean, ocean energy, marine renewable energy, aquaculture, and sustainability.

Navigating the Future of Innovation in Ports, and Cities
This engaging roundtable discussion unites top executives of major ports and mayors from port cities to explore the evolving relationship between these crucial entities. Focusing on real-world examples, the conversation centers on how innovation is reshaping this dynamic partnership.
This discussion offers a glimpse into the transformative potential of innovation in the global port communities, delving into topics like digitalization, sustainability, and collaborative initiatives, showcasing how innovation can foster growth, sustainability, and prosperity for both ports and cities.

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