Conference “Smart Digital Port of the Future”
Rotterdam, The Netherlands | May 11-12, 2022

1 Dicembre, 2021

The new edition of Smart Digital Ports for the Future 2022 will bring together the largest number of global ports and the entire supply chain to debate, discuss, network and share best practices on the latest developments on automation, sustainability and connectedness.

Specifically, the event will be dedicated to the following topics:

Collaboration and data sharing
Digital platforms and continued data exchange will be essential to achieve maximum gains in efficiency and predictability in ports. SDP 2021 will showcase the leading technologies allowing the industry to align and progress.

Digitalization and emerging technology
Continued digitalization will enable the use of big data projects and the implementation of innovative technologies and tools, designed to improve productivity, sustainability, and safety, to previously unattainable benchmarks

Port connectivity
A connected port will allow the fast flow of data between the sensors, devices, equipment, and software applications to enable the smart infrastructure driving ports into the fourth generation.

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Head Image | Flyer of Conference Smart Digital Port of the Future, May 11-12, 2022

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Editorial Team of PORTUS, “Conference Smart Digital Port of the Future”, PORTUS Magazine n. 42, December 2021, Year XXI, RETE Publisher, Venice, ISSN 2282-5789.

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