BOOK REVIEW: Urban Ports and Harbor Management Responding to Change along U.S. Waterfronts

9 Giugno, 2019

The essays in this book, first published in 1988, explore the changes that have occurred in the modern harbour in the 1970s and 1980s and the many roles of the public port in stimulating or responding to these changes. The goal of this study is to understand the modern harbour and public port and the contemporary pressures on them. The contributors’ disciplines range among geography, law, business, political science, and marine affairs.




PART 1 – Overview

1. Harbor Management: A New Role for the Public Port

Marc J. Hershman

PART 2 – The Setting

2. Ports Over Time: Historical Perspectives on the Public Port

Marc J. Hershman and Robin Schott Bittner

3. The Port Community: Seaport Character and Public/Private Tensions

Douglas K. Fleming

4. The Physical Harbor: New Demands on a Scarce Resource

Harold M. Mayer

5. Federal Port Policy: Retrenchment in the 1980s

Marc J. Hershman and Marianne Kory

PART 3 – Diverse Activities

6. The Containerization Story: Meeting the Competition in Trade

Paul W. Chilcote

7. Fostering Economic Development: The Noncargo Alternatives

James E. Randall

8. Fishports: Service Centers for a Changing Industry

Robert F. Goodwin

9. Small-Boat Marinas: The New Professionalism

Robert F. Goodwin

10. Port Finances and Operations: Understanding the Bottom Line

Thomas J. Dowd

PART 4 – Changing Times

11. Strategic Planning: Defining Port Values

Daniel Jack Chasan and Thomas J. Dowd

12. Mitigation: Compensating the Environment for Unavoidable

Harm Ann E. Wessel and Marc J. Hershman

13. Waterfront Revitalization: Ways to Retain Maritime Industries

Robert F. Goodwin

14. Public Port Accountability: A Framework for Evaluation

David J. Olson



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