Australasian Coast & Port 2023 Conference
Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia | August 15-18, 2023

28 Giugno, 2023

The 2023 edition of the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference, promoted by the Local Organising Committee, under the auspices of the Engineers Australia’s National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering, PIANC Australia and New Zealand, Engineering New Zealand and the New Zealand Coastal Society, will take place in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from 15th to 18th August.

The forum – which takes place every two years in major cities across Australia and New Zealand – brings together engineers, planners and practitioners, scientists and researchers to discuss multi-disciplinary aspects related to coasts and ports, from technological, environmental, scientific, to the policy and planning and design issues related to the different waterfronts.

Since the first edition, which was held in Manly (Sydney) in 1973, the Coasts and Ports Conference series has explored many different themes that have focused on fundamental scientific and engineering questions, the role of coastal, ocean and port engineers, the challenges facing the communities in the coastal zone.
In a period that is anticipated to be characterised by great change around the world, with the increasing impacts of climate change, is important to explore new ways to interface with the marine environment and evaluate what this it means for the coasts, ports and communities, also looking forward and developing adaptation ideas and strategies to implement at scale.

The 2023 Conference, integrating ideas and knowledge among port and maritime operators, local/central government, maritime manufacturers, planners and policy makers, researchers and scientists, media, will continue to promote the persisting importance of coastal engineering problems, incorporating numerous concurrent streams for technical presentations and the opportunity to knowledge exchange and network in a vibrant social program.

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