Special Issue ‘City and Port: Waterfront Integration for Sustainability’
Deadline for submission | May 31, 2023

7 Febbraio, 2023

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Cities and ports have a long history of interaction, and waterfront areas have been the living spaces that bear witness to this relation. In response to evolving socioeconomic paradigms and to the emergence of new societal problems, this relation has gone through periods with diferent degrees of tension. The production and regeneration of waterfront areas is a reflection of this, as they sway between being areas of segregation or integration.
After decades of transformation, when citizens rediscovered their waterfront areas and port areas became more specialized, sustainable approaches now address a large scope of issues, such as: the impacts of touristification; cruise ships and the city; public space and recreation; green infrastructure; circular economies; light mobility; repurposing (industrial and historical) heritage sites; climate change adaptation; environment; memory and local identity.
In present-day (post-)COVID-19 times, new uncertainties are emerging, issues might need to be reshaped, and new opportunities will need their own space. The debate on the sustainability of these waterfront territories faces new directions.
Over time, waterfronts have answered common problems by sharing experiences, and today, this is ever more relevant. We invite you to participate in this discussion on contemporary cities and ports: How does waterfront integration contribute to sustainability?

Articles can be proposed under one of the following six topics:

• Heritage sites and waterfront strategies;
• Responsible tourism, culture, and local identity;
• Mobility, public space, and environment;
• Waterfronts and climate change;
• Port development and sustainability;
• Sustainability in the port-city: portraits (case-studies).

This Special Issue shall reopen the debate on contemporary waterfronts, and we would like to invite you to participate in it.

Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. João Pedro Costa
University of Lisbon, School of Architecture, CIAUD
Prof. Dr. Maria José Andrade Marques
School of Architecture, University of Malaga

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Editorial Team of PORTUS, “Special Issue 'City and Port: Waterfront Integration for Sustainability'”, PORTUS Magazine n. 44, February 2023, Year XXII, RETE Publisher, Venice, ISSN 2282-5789.
URL: https://portusonline.org/special-issue-city-and-port-waterfront-integration-for-sustainability/

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