“Smart Digital Port of the Future”
Rotterdam, The Netherlands | May 16-17, 2023

31 Dicembre, 2022

Smart Digital Ports of the Future conference will take place on the 16th – 17th May 2023 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The event is an industry leading conference which caters to both ports and terminals, with a focus on being smarter, efficient and connected.
The conference showcases the technologies that are transforming the way ports do business, from discussions about standardisation and data sharing, to technical case studies from the most advanced ports, on how they are unpacking the potential of emerging technologies such as AI, Digital Twin and IoT applications and more.
Smart Digital Ports 2023 will feature a programme format complete with keynotes, panel discussions and case studies from the world’s leading ports, with plenty opportunities to promote the industry knowledge sharing and social events for exhibiting their profile in the industry.

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