PORTUS is the digital Magazine of RETE – Association for the collaboration between Ports and Cities.

It is dedicated to the themes of the port-city relationship and the regeneration of the urban waterfront, with particular attention to urban and port realities of Europe and Latin America, which have seen an increase in exchanges and a consolidated reciprocal co-operation.

The structure of PORTUS is basically articulated into some major groups of contributions, which we could distinguish as REPORT, FOCUS and PORTRAIT, and in others sections as EDITORIAL, PORTODAY, LIGHTHOUSE and BOOK REVIEW..

The first edition of PORTUS, on paper, was launched in 2001 and up to 2012, 24 issues were published, with a six-monthly periodicity. Since 2013 the Magazine appears in digital format. From the December 2021 PORTUS Magazine is published on the new digital platform.

Since 2011, the Magazine has published a supplement, PORTUplus Journal, dedicated to the publication of papers to be submitted to periodical calls, and selected by the international experts of the Scientific Advisory Board through a peer review process.


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