Waterfront urban space Designing for Blue-Green Places

21 Gennaio, 2018

The book explores potentialities and emerging issues to strategies and waterside planning and design, developing research results and detailed cases of interest in response to city change, to promote sustainable development in a variety of ways. It seeks to include some key waterfront matters in linking new spatial patterns to social dynamics and climate change, for future practice.

The book is structuring into two parts: The first one – ‘Advancing Riverfront Transformation’ – examines proposals on urban waterfronts and relations between urban spaces and social dynamics to revitalise and re-appropriate urban environment with sustainable design solutions. The second one – ‘Outlining Blue-Green Opportunities’ – develops proposals on waterfront urban spaces and places with promotion of sociability and enjoyment, integrating cultural and economic values, health and wellbeing.


Preface – Dimitra Babalis

Introduction – Dimitra Babalis

Waterfront Challenges for the Contemporary City

PART 1 – Advancing Riverfront Regeneration

Chapter 1 – Dimitra Babalis

From River to Riverfront. Sustainable Masterplans and Connected Waterfront Urban Spaces along the Southside of the River Arno in Florence

Chapter 2- Irene Curulli

Industrial Riverscapes and Climate Change in the Dutch Delta Area. Ecological Resilient Strategies: Coping with the Future Noord River’s Urban Waterfront

PART 2 – Outlining Blu-Green Opportunities

Chapter 3 – Helen Maistrou

The Waterfront Urban Space of the Argolic Gulf in Greece. Functional and Aesthetic Upgrade and Sustainable Development

Chapter 4 – Ismini Kourouni

Surface Water Flows Management and Change of Urban Landscape in Thiva

Chapter 5 – Tim G. Townshend

Urban Bluespace for Human Flourishing


Author Biography

Dimitra Babalis

Is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florence and, an Architect-Engineer. She is a Visiting Academic Scholar at various European Universities; Co-ordinator and Chair of European Programmes and International Workshops; Co-ordinator of the International Research Group on Urban and Architecture Design (INTEGRO&UAD). Her research interests and funded European and Italian projects lie on ecological and sustainable planning and urban design; Multi-disciplinary inquiries concerning sustainable urban form; Urban regeneration and re-use of cultural heritage; Innovative polices and strategies to urban transformation and masterplanning. She is currently developing research on sustainable waterfront regeneration; Sustainable design of urban micro spaces and places in shaping change. She is Author of the books: URBAN DESIGN. The Ecological Thinking. A Compendium (2008); URBAN CHANGE and Sustainability. A Collection (2012); WATERFRONT CITY. Waterside Regeneration in Scotland (2014).

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