From the Citizen Port to the Port Center Concept

21 Ottobre, 2015

From the Citizen Port to the Port Center Concept

Executive Think Tank Workshop

and Livorno Port Center-Opening Event


3rd November 2015, Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno (Italy)

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The Port Authority of Livorno, Assoporti – Italian Ports Association and AIVP, organise on November 3rd, 2015 the Executive Think Tank Workshop on: “From the Citizen Port to the Port Center Concept”, which will examine the opportunities emerging of the construction of a sustainable port city relationship.

With the presence of Eamonn O’Reilly, CEO of the Port of Dublin, Henk de Bruijn, Director of Social Affairs of the Port of Rotterdam and several other high-level representatives from the Italian Port Cities, this workshop aims to introduce the emerging opportunities within a sustainable port-city-citizens relationship.

The presentations will be followed by a round table in the presence of Giuliano Gallanti, Commissioner of the Port Authority of Livorno and Filippo Nogarin, Major of Livorno. Will be present also Umberto Masucci, President of International Propellers Club, with an introductory statement, Philippe Matthis, Director of Port of Brussels and AIVP President and Philippe Demoulin, Director of Antwerp Havencentrum, one of the first Port Center in the world, created in 1987.

The workshop aims to answer the following questions: “Why is there a necessity to rethink the port- city-citizens relationship? How can we develop a shared port city language, image and attractiveness? Which key tools do we need to achieve this? What is the ROI for the port and the city to develop a port culture among citizens? How can a better port city dialogue impact positively on port performance?”

The meeting will be the opportunity to exchange ideas regarding the issues that Italian port cities have to face in a continually evolving society and globalized world, where competition and economic development have to take into consideration indicators such as social impact, employment, education as well as environmental matters.

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