21 Giugno, 2015

European Conference on Shipping,

Intermodalism and Ports


24-27 June 2015

“Shipping and Ports at Crossroads:

Competition, Global Sourcing and Regulatory Challenges”


REsearch in SHIpping and Ports Laboratory, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT),

University of the Aegean

Chios, Greece

Organized by the RE.SHI.P. (REsearch in SHIpping and Ports Laboratory) and with the support of PortEconomics, the second edition of the European Conference on Shipping, Intermodalism and Ports – ECONSHIP 2015, will be devoted to “Shipping and Ports at Crossroads: Competition, Global Sourcing and Regulatory Challenges”.

The conference will be held in Chios, Greece, 24-27 June 2015; the island, famous for its “maritime tradition” and the close ties with the shipping industry, offers a unique traditional maritime environment in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

Competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness stand as core targets of corporate strategies of shipping and ports, and mark relevant regulatory initiatives at national, peripheral and global level. The shipping companies and port service providers jockey to exploit global sourcing opportunities in order to compete effectively at a global scale.

The continuous development and formation of global players, and the positive and sceptical regulatory approaches that are associated with these trends are indicative. Financial sources, human resources, operational strategies, performance measurements, horizontal and vertical integration practices, environmental considerations, technological advancements, transport systems integration, and not least marine and maritime education systems, are all reassessed under the prism of a maritime sector speedily adopting new structures.

These developments will be the focal themes of ECONSHIP 2015, aiming at advancing knowledge on the driving forces and the potential shapes of modern forms of competition, and global sourcing in shipping, ports, and related intermodal transport systems, as well as on the implications and regulatory challenges associated with them.

The ECONSHIP 2015 provides a unique opportunity:

  • For maritime economists who want to stimulate discussions on shipping, ports, and maritime industries, while developing their research in progress;
  • For transport researchers to participate and exchange views in a major multidisciplinary event, that will bring together academics and practitioners from many different countries and experiences;
  • For young scholars and researchers, who want to present and test their on-going research.

The conference will be combined with unique social events and will promote networking opportunities.

The RE.SHI.P. Laboratory

ECONSHIP 2015 is organised by the RE.SHI.P., REsearch in SHIpping and Ports Laboratory of the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT), Business School of the University of the Aegean in Greece. The interests of the laboratory are related to the fields of Shipping Management, and Port Management and Operation.

The organising team includes experienced maritime economists, transport researchers and researchers of various research fields. The team members are involved in international research societies and present an extensive research and publication work, along with an international cooperative network with leading academics and researchers on port, shipping and transport economics. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport is actively engaged in maritime transport research development with an experience of almost 20 years.

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