9th Port Planning & Development Asia Summit 2023
Singapore, Asia | March 7-10, 2023

9 Febbraio, 2023

The 9th Port Planning & Development Asia Summit 2023 that is set to happen in Singapore, organized by Equip Global.

The event is one of best platform for global experts across Ports and Maritime Authorities, Ministries of Transport & Urban Development/Planning & Terminal Operators, to gather and have countless networking and learning opportunities about how you can develop effective strategies for solutions around your port planning, design, engineering & construction challenges for optimized efficiencies in development & expansion projects.

Industry experts will share insightful knowledge about leading industry practices such as port redevelopment & expansion, operational efficiency and digital solutions, adaptive port planning into the masterplans, effective strategies on how you can leverage technology for smart ports planning and development, tackling issues related to risk assessment and climate change adaption as well as safety & environmental impacts, as well as port overcapacity & lagging productivity, capitalizing on growth opportunities in port development.

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