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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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PORTUSplus is the journal of RETE, the Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities, dedicated to the study of themes involving the relationship between port and city and the regeneration of urban waterfronts. Exploiting the advantages of communicating on the Internet, PORTUSplus will become an opportunity to present original works, theoretical studies or the results of research, conducted in many countries around the world and concerning the fields of interest described, reserving specific attention to the works of young scholars.


The “Call for papers” for PORTUSplus is finalized towards the collection and diffusion on the web of interdisciplinary scientific documents, focused on the many themes of interest concerning port cities and urban waterfronts. The objective is to satisfy the demand for knowledge and for the diffusion of new research studies, policies, processes and actions in order to stimulate the interdisciplinary debate.


The call for papers is open to articles from the world of science, academics and culture, from experts and technicians, from contributors who operate within institutions and research centers and in general from anyone who in any position has knowledge and experience in the various disciplines that deal with the following themes: History of port cities; Economy and business; Contemporary port cities and new port-city relations models; Future scenarios: planning and prospects; Restructuring urban-port waterfronts; Architecture and port city landscape; Urban-port development and environmental sustainability; Culture and identity; Port city didactics; Infrastructures, transport, intermodality, logistics; Port, city and territory.



The “International Review Committee


The papers are submitted for the evaluation with anonymous procedure by a “International Review Committee”, composet of prestigious international experts in different disciplines: geographers, planners, architects, engineers, sociologists, etc.


The papers are evaluated on the basis of the specific criteria (originality of contents, scientific quality, clarity of presentation, importance in disciplinary sector, contribution to the scientific debate, illustrations, references, etc…), relying on the experience of the International Review Committee members in the thematic areas of interest for the journal.


The purpose of this initiative is to publish original articles, that demonstrate a significant scientific advancement by the proposals. For this reason are not included in the journal PORTUSplus the papers exclusively “descriptive” or project reports.


Ended the work of the International Review Committee, the papers considered worthy are published in the web site of PORTUSplus: All the papers selected is given an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN code: 2039-6422), the international number that identifies standard publications.