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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment



May 2014
Year XIV

ISSN 2282-5789

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Ciudades y puertos ante el espíritu de los tiempos



En nuestra anterior y primer nota sobre Latinoamérica, nos interesó atender un debate particular de una ciudad en Chile, Valparaíso, el cual podríamos considerar un acontecimiento ejemplar respecto a una circunstancia que domina la escena general contemporánea.


PORTUS 27 - May 2014

Centroamérica inicia red de ciudades portuarias

Actually, there is a good chance to create a Central American network for the study of port cities, provided by PROCIP and the Central Commission for Maritime Transport (Spanish acronym as COCATRAM).


It has been … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

Les ports maritimes français redécouvrent leur hinterland

Major French seaports, under the double effect of economic necessity and an awareness of their complementarity with river ports, are for some time rediscovering the charms of their hinterland. Engaged in a reform both institutional and operational since … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

From the waterfronts to the Smart Port City with the AIVP

AIVP was founded in 1998. During the three decades of its existence, AIVP has been a privileged witness of spectacular changes in port cities as they face the increasing globalisation of trade and the economy, for example the … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014