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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment



November 2013

ISSN 2282-5789

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Puerto Valparaíso. Una estrategia global en el Océano Pacífico Sudamericano

Entre la costa del Pacífico y la cordillera de los Andes, Chile tiene uno de sus sitios más atractivos, la Ciudad Puerto de Valparaíso, declarada el 2 de Julio de 2003 como Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

Limon port (CR): social struggles in the definition of the port city

Costa Rica lives today (November 11, 2013) a strong social tension in its most important port (Puerto Limon). Limon port has been closed: cruises have had to eliminate its visit to Costa Rica and cargo ships have waiting long … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

Africa: port fever against crisis?

Africa is today the continent where the pace of urbanization is the fastest, while remaining the least urbanized in the world [1]. Some large cities (Casablanca, Lagos, Cape Town, Dakar, Abidjan…) are also major ports, but many … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

WaRe. The Waterfront Regeneration Project

In many cases, the redeveloped waterfront acts as a driver for the re-launch of the entire economy of a city, often re-locating it in an international context. For this reason, many cities, even of a small and medium size, … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

Le temps des ports. Décline et renaissance des villes portuaires (1940-2010) – Storia dei porti. Declino e rinascita delle città portuali (1940-2010)

Pierre Gras - Éditions Tallandier, Paris, 2010 - ita, Odoya, Bologna, 2013.

Sometimes luck smiles on you and you are offered a twofold opportunity. Such luck came my way when I was introduced to the book Le temps des ports. Déclin et renaissance des villes portuaires(1940-2010), which was written by Pierre Gras … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013