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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

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Port cities in a landscape perspective

This column will invite you over the forthcoming issues of PORTUS to apprehend port cities in a landscape perspective – something that hasn’t been done so far. Landscape, generally speaking, is a rather unknown and often misunderstood concept. In … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Bon voyage!

The first journey between fiction and reality, film and documentaries, will exemplify the intent of this column. The port cities we “teletransported” to are all located on the Mediterranean Sea (Thessaloniki, Tetouan, Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa) with two smaller … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Paper Sailors

The singular behavior of the seafaring community (both sailors and those family members and workers whose livelihood depends on the sea) constitutes a source of identity and a distinction that marks them out from other communities. Taken together, … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Images of the new transformation of New York’s waterfront

New York is probably the city with the most extensive waterfront in the entire world. Its five big boroughs have very long facades on the rivers and internal canals. Manhattan and Staten Island are islands, Brooklyn and Queens … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

The Taste of Port Cities. Eat and the City

Alberto Savinio was strolling down the streets of Milan, listening to the heart of one of his dearest cities [1] ; Italo Calvino, wandering about thousands of cities, was looking for their soul, powerful probe of the soul … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Cantos de puerto, cantos de arrabal

Él se fue una tarde con rumbo ignorado

en el mismo barco que lo trajo a mí;

pero entre mis labios se dejó olvidado

un beso de amante que yo le … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013


The long and dangerous journey, the endless exile, the troubled, difficult and ingenious adventure of Ulysses’ return to the homeland, as told in the Odyssey, represent for Virgílio Costa, in his latest poetic production entitled Volta à Ítaca, … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013