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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, January 26, 2020
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Economy and business


This section is given over to studying economic activities from the perspective of what port activities offer and the company and business fabric that such activities generate. In view of this, articles are published that are devoted to examining such questions as the economic functions of ports, the agents and production factors involved and, especially: The different port activities: fishing; the industries associated with port activities (ship construction and boat-building, shipyards, the construction of infrastructures, port machinery and tools, industries that have been established in ports, etc.); leisure and tourism associated with these facilities (cruises, nautical sports and recreation, cultural and leisure equipment, etc.); trade and maritime transport (traffic, logistics, intermodality); work and jobs in ports. The economic impact of ports: the role of ports and the regional and domestic urban economy; assessment of the economic impact of ports, the methodologies used for conducting studies and examples of particular cases.







An approximation to study of the influence of cruise tourism in the relationship bi-univocal port-city on the Mediterranean



The article begins with a review of various studies about port-city relations and analyzes the recent influence of cruise tourism’ activity in the creating a flow sea-land opposite the flow of traditional land-sea. Therefore categorized in two phases recent processes of integration of the port in the city: a first construction of waterfront like expansion of the city over the port, and a second revaluation of the historic centers, which occurs in those port cities that support the effect of flows cruisers, and which results in an expansion of waterfronts’ activities in historic centers..





Port-city relation; Cruise tourism flow; Historic district




Dr. Arquitecto. Universidad de Málaga, Andalucía Tech, Escuela de Arquitectura, Campus El Ejido 29071, Málaga, España.



Doctoranda. Universidad de Málaga, Andalucía Tech, Campus El Ejido 29071, Málaga, España.



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