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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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Port city didactics


The purpose of this section is:
- To disseminate work whose aim is to teach schoolchildren and make them aware of port cities.
- To give publicity to articles, studies and research work aimed at examining, reflecting upon and going more deeply into the educational potential that ports have; defining the contents and adapting them to the school syllabus; preparing explanatory work, strategies, methods and devising tools for putting across knowledge and assimilating it.
- Presenting educational examples and experiences of all kinds, and for all educational levels, the aim of which is to explain the port city concept in each and every one of its aspects. 





Waterfront as a field of research: notes for an urbanism suitable for the City-Port


The article below is an extract of a larger research work done during the Ph.D. thesis discussed in April 2005 at the Department of Planning at the University of Florence. The attention to existing cities and the relationship that is established concretely with the water and with the port have been at the center of the investigations that have identified some of the characters that give structure to port and town and their evolution trough time and space. Dynamic relationship between the city and the port is analyzed in time through a comparison at intervals of time and space, a cartographic model is used to represent the different characters of the water front of the city and harbor. The interpretation of the port city as a unique phenomenon through measurable criteria suggests a specific urban planning of the water front. A correct planning of city-port depends on careful balance between port and maritime part of cities, intended as a pre-existing mutation of the organism and the original nature of the spaces on the water.



Balance city-port; Evolution; Relationship city-port; Model of comparison.



Architect, PhD, Department of Urban Planning (DUPT), University of Florence.


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