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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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Culture and identity

A thematic area that is devoted to publishing articles and work on questions such as:
- Port city cultural heritage: nautical and port heritage (material and immaterial); conservation; reappraisal and enrichment.
- The collective cultural memory of port cities through such facilities as libraries, maritime and port museums, archives.
- Ports as a cultural reference: ports and written culture (language and communication, literature, the press); ports and audiovisual culture (music, cinema, photography); ports and the arts (illustrations, paintings, prints, sculpture); ports and the necessities of life (diet, culinary activities, food and drink), clothing (attire, fashion, uniforms), etc.
- Ports and urban identity: the distinctive features of ports (port-city symbols and symbolism, metaphors and ports, the notion of port cities); the port city idea (perception and meaning, port city emotions, etc.)



Translations – radicant design for transforming harbor sites

Lisa Diedrich



The heritage waterfront landscape of globalization. The case of Paris “metropole city on the Seine”

Géraldine Djament-Tran



Reconquer french waterfronts: study on the forms of musealisation of port heritage

Nicolas Navarro



Musical words for a city of water and stone: Genoa’s waterfront as it has been told by singer-songwriters

Isabella Maria Zoppi