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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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Contemporary port cities and new port-city relations models

This section specialises in showing the dynamics and recent transformations that have affected ports, as well as the processes of change to which these types of large cities are subject. It also explains the changes, effects and impacts that they are undergoing as a result of those processes.
It is a section that will also feature articles whose purpose it is to present the complexity and diversity of port-city relations. The way they interact, conflicts and synergies, dealing with such aspects as the administration and governance of port cities and ports themselves, conflicts of interest, and the tools and practices for reaching agreements.



pdf-icon- Learning from port-city relationships… to governance issues of

            metropolitan spaces and port gateways for the well-being of


               Yann Alix, Brigitte Daudet



pdf-icon- Evoluzione delle mutue interazioni tra città e porto: studio di uno

            strumento per la determinazione degli impatti reciproci

               Andrea Conca



pdf-icon-  Livorno between preserving port identity and future challenges

                Simona Corradini, Francesca Morucci



pdf-icon-  Gioia Tauro – Rosarno: the harbour without a city-port

                Rosa Grazia De Paoli, Giuseppe Fera



pdf-icon-  From the vestiges port at the port hybrid: the experimental field of the

             waterfront 2.0

                 Barbara Lino, Sebastiano Provenzano



pdf-icon-  Port-city relation on contemporary Lisbon: the articulator role of

             public space

                Rita Ochoa



pdf-icon-  Urban voids and waterfront, a new approach to city-port relation

               José Manuel Pagés Sánchez



pdf-icon-  Mediterranean waterfront Atlas: a tool for knowledge and decison-


                Daniele Ronsivalle