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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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PORTUSplus 5 | Editorial



Aims and new challenges


Since 2011, RETE – Association for the Collaboration between ports and cities – publishes its online PORTUSplus journal, with the aim to promote the processing and spreading in the web of scientific works from several disciplines, in various topics of interest with respect to port cities and urban waterfronts. The purpose, moreover, is to meet the demand of knowledge and dissemination of new research, policies, processes and actions in these fields of interest.


With PORTUSplus, the Association has launched an initiative dedicated to promoting and implementing the development of studies and researchs, the exchange of experiences from different sectors, the active participation of experts, researchers and professionals.


The bet has been the “young people“, the openness to new issues of knowledge and research, regarding the city-port relationship and the urban waterfront redevelopment projects, as well as the interest for new disciplinary areas.


These choices have allowed to collect and develop original works, theoretical studies and research results, along with international experiences.



Research and scientific production


The RETE contribution to development of scientific research and production is strongly linked, in this time, with its editorial publications.


The knowledge is primarily related to the study, analysis and interpretation dynamics, phenomena, interaction processes that occur in port cities and along urban waterfronts, with impacts that affect the economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects.


PORTUSplus has been fundamental in this years to develop and increase the scientific community of RETE, as well as to promote the Association objectives and activities, but particularly to share knowledge, to promote the interchange of experiences, increasing international debate among academics, experts, researchers, professionals, etc.


To advance in the study of port-city relationship and different dynamics that affect urban waterfronts, the innovation must be continuous; an innovation that should be at the same time scientific, organizational and technological, in order to promote new knowledge and perform different activities, But also require to put into play creativity and new ideas, with the contribution of all.

And this is the direction that guides and will orient the PORTUSplus activity.


The Editors