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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment



November 2013

ISSN 2282-5789

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The Arctic landscape machine

This column aims at investigating harbours in a landscape perspective, which means extending our view beyond the delimited harbour area towards the surrounding landscape of which the harbour is a constitutive part. Let us look at an … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

The memory of man and that of the places

Telling stories is a feature of the human soul. Telling for images is anthropological: the huge cruise ships crossing Venice (2012); the “new ” white city in Greece (2010); the barracks in the port of Helsinki (2002); the … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

Cuando el faro es el protagonista

Los faros fueron concebidos para ayudar a los navegantes, dándoles la confianza de que su luz les indicaría el camino correcto en su travesía. Son torres altas situadas en la frontera entre la tierra y el mar, expuestas a … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

The Dark Side of the Port

In every seaside city, fishermen’s families have always thought out to prepare main courses using leftovers from unsold fishing (fish of scarce quality, fish way to small to be sold or too heterogeneous, crustacean and mollusks caught in … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013

The Humpback Whale (Ballina Whalers)

Fifty-six I sailed on boardA ship called Byron OneShe’s carried trawler men on deckAnd a harpoon whaling gun


Chorus (after each verse):

Oh you trawler men, come on Forget your snapper and … More

PORTUS 26 - November 2013