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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, November 23, 2020


May 2019
Year XIX

ISSN 2282-5789

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Maritime Networks and connectivity in the Mediterranean

Theater for millennia of one of the most fruitful areas in the world for trade and exchange, the Mediterranean, “sea between the lands”, as its etymology indicates, owes its fortune to a transport network that connects the cities … More

PORTUS 37 - May 2019

Ocean Space, a home for the oceans in Venice

The project is called “Ocean Space”. After two years of major restoration and renovation work, the historic church of San Lorenzo in Venice reopens and becomes the “home of the oceans” of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation, an academy so … More

PORTUS 37 - May 2019

The beautiful Yvonne of Louisiana

It’s a warm summer night, the moon is shining and her light beams glitter on the surface of the freshwater of a bay of the Mississippi delta, thus framing warm and spicy crustaceans. This is the perfect scenario … More

PORTUS 37 - May 2019

Heritage Walks as a tool for promoting the value of the cultural heritage for the society

Promoted by the Council of Europe in 2005, the Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, which is called the Faro Convention by the Portuguese city where Member States met for the opening signature, starts … More

PORTUS 37 - May 2019

Chronia in Canary Islands

Chronia travels around the earth between time and space. She jumps from north to south, from east to west, from nowhere to everywhere, searching places, people and cultures on the coasts and bays of this world.





PORTUS 37 - May 2019