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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, January 26, 2020


June 2017

ISSN 2282-5789

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Bordeaux – territorial, transversal, transscalar

This column aims at discovering harbours from a landscape perspective, which means extending our view beyond the delimited harbour area towards the surrounding landscape of which the harbour is a constitutive part – ‘surrounding landscape’ in this case … More

PORTUS 33 - June 2017

GeoSeastems: an innovative tool to map global shipping flows. Application to the Mediterranean region

In the last ten years or so, online visualizations of maritime data become more and more numerous and popular. Their great majority uses Automated Identification Systems (AIS) data to map the current density of ships across the globe. … More

PORTUS 33 - June 2017

Submarinos de cómic

Sorry, this text is only available in Español.


PORTUS 33 - June 2017

Cities inside the City on River Amstel

Paramaribo, Curaçao, Jakarta. Or, if we spoke the language of taste, we could use words like moksie alesie (super colourful rice with meat, chicken, mixed vegetables, white beans, chili and coconut milk), tutu (a creamy porridge made with … More

PORTUS 33 - June 2017

Return to the Piazza

The black and white images of Anna Zemella talk of a coming back, of a re-appropriation and recovery of a space lost to everyday habits. But they also speak of a millennial love story that, at every new … More

PORTUS 33 - June 2017

Parc Rives de Seine: Paris recovers the banks of the Seine

Walking, resting, playing, in a word, “strolling” along the riverfront of Paris is today a 7km long reality that lies right where a few years ago there was an important car traffic artery along the Seine. With the … More

PORTUS 33 - June 2017

Chronia in the Canary Islands

Chronia’s travels around the earth between time and space. She jumps from north to south, from east to west, from nowhere to everywhere, searching places, people and cultures on the coasts and bays of this world.


PORTUS 33 - June 2017