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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021


June 2015
Year XV

ISSN 2282-5789

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The All London Green Grid – from East London’s Docklands to a strategy for the public space

This column aims at discovering harbours from a landscape perspective, which means extending our view beyond the delimited harbour area towards the surrounding landscape of which the harbour is a constitutive part. This time, let us look at … More

PORTUS 29 - June 2015

Un puerto efímero en la gran aventura de Shackleton

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PORTUS 29 - June 2015

Our Mediterranean Africa

In Halq al-Wādī there is “La Marine” Cafè where – despite of the long waiting times – you can enjoy tasteful tuna and cheese crepês sitting on those tiny tables facing one of the most picturesque waterfronts of … More

PORTUS 29 - June 2015

Without making noise. Journey in Porto Vecchio

In silence and discretion, the digital eye of the photographer from Trieste Neva Gasparo investigated, recorded and analyzed over a period thirty years long, every breath of Porto Vecchio (Old Port), in Trieste, an area of 600,000 square … More

PORTUS 29 - June 2015


Chronia travels around the earth between time and space. She jumps from north to south, from east to west, from nowhere to everywhere, searching places, people and cultures on the coasts and bays of this world.


PORTUS 29 - June 2015