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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment



May 2014
Year XIV

ISSN 2282-5789

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The real estate sector invests on the water cities

The mixed-use redevelopment of waterfronts has become in recent decades an fundamental aspect, a very widespread, but rather complex of the urban revitalization. A process that represents, without a doubt, a significant real estate opportunity.

To arouse … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay, Singapore

The project Gardens by the Bay an integral part of Singapore’s City in a GardenVision, designed to raise the profile of the city globally whilst showcasing the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. The stated aim of the project is to … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

Paojiang Lake District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China

The project Paojiang Lake District wins MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Projects “Big Urban Project” Award 2014.


Shaoxing city, located in the Yangtze River Delta economic area, is famous for its water, canals and bridges. To the north of it is Shanghai … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark

Inaugurated on 4 July 2013, the new Head of the United Nations regional offices is located at the northern harbour of Copenhagen (Marmormolen – The Marble Pier) and brings together the various agencies and functions in a single building … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

Place Ialla Yeddouna, Fez, Morocco

The Mossessian & Partners project for Place Lalla Yeddouna in Fez, Morocco have won in the Cultural Regeneration category of MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2014.


The international competition to regenerate Place Lalla Yeddouna (approx. 7,400 sqm) – … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014

One Wood Wharf, London, United Kingdom

Wood Wharf is one of central London’s largest development sites, and this high density. The mixed-use development aims to maximise the potential of the waterfront and public realm, establish new connections to existing and planned public transport networks, and … More

PORTUS 27 - May 2014