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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

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Social License for Canadian Ports

Global economic growth has led to increased cargo through put in many Canadian ports. Increased cargo often does not mean much to local communities as it is usually destined for North American inland markets. The net result may … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Costa Rica and Panama: appreciations around port city concept


People interested in the study of the port-cities with recently visits into Central America, particularly in Costa Rica and Panama, have found that the concept Port City is a very new one in the first, and almost … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

The Latin American port system as facilitator of territorial development

The Latin America Port System as a facilitator of territorial development

The thirty-fourth session of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), held in August 2012, was closed with a document entitled “The State and … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

The PORTA project. Ports as a Gateway for Accessing Inner Regions

The PORTA (Ports as a Gateway for Accessing Inner Regions) project brings together partners from five Mediterranean countries (FEPORTS -leader- from Spain, Port and University of Catania from Italy, Chamber of commerce & Industry of Marseille Provence from … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

New York: when Sandy scans too certainties

Hurricane Sandy, who swept the north-east coast of the United States in late October 2012, was called “Storm of the Century” by observers who estimate that over the next twenty years, such events could reproduce at unprecedented scale. … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Dal conflitto all’integrazione (From conflict to integration)

Rosario Pavia, Matteo Di Venosa

Rosario Pavia and Matteo Di Venosa give us a work which is very difficult to avoid. The book has seven large containers, some of them theorists which include several chapters, from the introduction to the development of several … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Ariul a new city on the water. Saemangeum, South Korea

Saemangeum, on the coast of the Yellow Sea becomes the port city of Ariul, an economic and multifunctional new hub of Northeast Asia. Saemangeum will be renamed Ariul, “ari” meaning “water” and “ul” meaning “fence or base.” The … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Istanbul Seaport. Istanbul, Turkey

To the south of the Bosphorus strait, Istanbul Seaport is an ambitious mixed-use project (61.4 hectares) overlooking the Sea of Marmara, on the European side of the ancient capital of Turkey. It was designed by 5 + Design … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

Qianhai Port City. Shenzhen, China

Qianhai Port City (OMA Architect), situated at the threshold of Hong Kong, occupies a position of strategic significance in the Pearl River Delta. The new city center in Qianhai could fulfill Shenzhen’s coastal ambitions and provide the basis … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013

City and port. Sochi, Russia

Sochi that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics is as one of the largest construction zones in the world.


The city is building a world-class seaport to accomodate cruise ships and to support … More

PORTUS 25 - June 2013