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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 31, 2017
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The last edition of the journal


At the end of March 2016 has ended the work of the International Review Committee regarding the papers received after the launch of the “Call for Papers 2015” (sixth call, deadline November 15, 2015), for the publication of original scientific contributions in PORTUSplus, the journal of RETE dedicated to deepening the issues of the city-port relationship and urban waterfronts redevelopment.


The International Review Committee has been formed, this year, by a total of 15 members. The disciplinary composition includes international experts from different areas: geographers, planners, architects, engineers, sociologists, etc. For the most part, the members are the same who participated in the review of previous calls, and that has allowed a substantial homogeneity in the different editions regarding the application of the evaluation criteria


The total papers received, that confirm the interest in this initiative, have been 21, with a number of 33 participating authors among experts, researchers, professionals, etc.


This interest is reflected not only in “numbers” but also in terms of geographical origin of the contributions (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, India, …).



Table n. 1_ “Call for Papers 2015″: languages in which they are written the articles received (21), and countries of authors origin (33).

 Table n 1_ Call for Papers 2015



After the “technical” verification by the Scientific Secretariat, 1 paper has been excluded – because they do not meet the requirements of the call. Therefore, to the evaluation International Review Committee have been submitted the remaining 20 papers, so that each paper has been evaluated, with anonymous procedure, by two or three experts.


The purpose of this initiative is to publish original articles, that demonstrate a significant scientific advancement by the proposals. For this reason are not included in the journal PORTUSplus (ISSN-2039-6422) the papers exclusively “descriptive” or project reports.


In PORTUSplus 6_2016 have been published 15 papers, that are available and downloaded from the website



Statistics about PORTUSplus (2010-2016)


You can see below some additional data on PORTUSplus from 2010 to 2016, regarding the papers, authors and countries of origin.


Table n. 2_Comparison between the editions and the results of the Call for papers PORTUSplus: PAPERS

 Table n 2_Comparison_PAPERS



Table n. 3_Comparison between the editions and the results of the Call for papers PORTUSplus: AUTHORS


Table n 3_Comparison_AUTHORS



Table 4: Comparison between the editions and the results of the PORTUSplus: AUTHORS PUBLISHED BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN


Table n 4_Comparison_AUTHORS BY COUNTRY