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PORTUS Port-City Relationship and Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

LAST UPDATE, July 14, 2021
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With this fourth issue of PORTUSplus, the RETE association completes, in 2014, the transition to digital and the updating of its communication tools, which started in 2011, with the first issue of PORTUSplus, online. A process, continued in 2013, with the transformation of its ‘historical’ magazine PORTUS, from paper to digital, and now, with some changes of its ‘journal’ and the upcoming launch (April 2014) of the new RETE website: www.retedigital. com.


The online publication of PORTUS, with the profound changes made​​, both in its ‘character’ as in its thematic articulation, compared to the previous ‘paper’ version, has allowed to further distinguish the functions RETE intended to give to its two instruments of scientific information and international debate.


On the one hand, PORTUS, the ‘magazine‘ of RETE, with 13 years of history behind it and a large audience, quite mixed, curious and sensitive to a multidisciplinary approach to the issues of the port-city relationship; on the other, PORTUSplus, the ‘journal‘, intended for publication of papers selected by a prestigious committee of evaluation among those sent after the ‘call’, which is regularly launched every year by the ‘journal’.


Dedicated to the exploration of the themes concerning the relationship between city and port and the regeneration of urban waterfronts, PORTUSplus, has now reached its fourth edition, maintaining its original purpose: to exploit the advantages of online communication to collect and disseminate interdisciplinary scientific documents, expanding and organizing information and research studies focusing on the many aspects of the contemporary port city.


PORTUSplus in fact intends to establish itself as an opportunity to bring to the attention of the public original works, theoretical studies, the results of completed studies and new research, supported by significant experiences and international best practices, to increase scientific knowledge and expand the academic debate.


Open to contributions from the university and cultural world, from experts and professionals in the field, or anyone who works, each in his own capacity, within institutions and research centres and has relevant knowledge and experiences, the Call for papers 2013 covers many themes of interest with respect to the multiplicity of dynamics that concern port cities and waterfronts, from the point of view of diverse scientific and disciplinary approaches (economic, social, city planning, environmental, cultural, etc.).


The received papers, 21, like in every previous edition, were submitted to an “Review Committee”, constituted of international experts. Judged anonymously – on the basis of the originality of the approach and methodology, the clarity and order of the contents, the quality and completeness of the presentation, the scientific-academic level and the sphere of application of the results – 14 papers were selected for publication in this PORTUSplus issue.


Three papers were considered to be of particular interest and, for this reason, are now published in the “Best papers” section.


The participation and the results we achieved confirm, on the one hand, the interest surrounding this initiative and the themes of discussion and, on the other hand, the role that this digital tool can play in the promotion and improvement of the dialogue between port and cities at the international level.



The Editors